Vizion Gaming Glasses

Lens Geometry: Gunnar glasses have lenses with a high degree of curvature, making them wrap closely to the face”. Among the company’s products are a number of gaming styles, with branding created in partnership with several top gaming companies including Razer, Blizzard, and MLG. Considering how much inventory was left, and how long Syght Glasses was officially open for business, I am very happy with the results.

I have two pairs, one that I keep at home and another at work so I don’t need to carry them around. No matter your age or gender, there is a pair of gaming glasses for you, with many manufacturers providing a plethora of options for men, women and children alike. I tried to go with two very different styles of describing the benefits of these glasses. In other words, with some tinkering and getting proper adapters, you can use this gaming headset for all bigger gaming platforms, but not tablets or smartphones since it doesn’t have a 3.5mm plug. Now, I’m not saying you should wear them out to the club or to go grocery shopping because they are obviously gaming eyewear.

One of my biggest gripes with Gunnar was the fact, as a prescription eyeglass wearer, they did not offer a design to go over my glasses. There are a lot of options, so first know what kind of gaming headset you want to have. In essence, you will want a pair of gaming computer glasses that come with a wide best gaming glasses frame, preferably one that has been crafted from lightweight metals like stainless steel. A good quality gaming glass comes with lens, anti reflective layer, primer and a hard coat. When I use the glasses and the headphones, the area behind my ears where my glasses rest are sore within a couple hours.

I also wanted a specific frame style and color for the glasses with my logo printed on the side of the frame. In addition, many gaming glasses are specifically designed to be used with a headset or headphones, whereas computer eyewear is not. I know a brand called Gunnar makes non-prescription computer glasses” that have the yellow tint. One more bit of experience with tinted glasses: EyeBuyDirect offers a computer lense package which basically provides a light blue tint (which blocks the blue light emitting from your computer screen) and anti-reflective coating to your lenses. The overall package is still excellent, but you don’t get the same superb level of protection that you get with glasses from Gunnar. All NoScope glasses ship with a microfiber cleaning cloth and carrying pouch, which are both a nice touch, considering the price. If you work in a big office, you might not get away with wearing these on a daily basis and you might be called a few names – these glasses are huge.

In this age, these are not possible, hence the alternative is a much welcomed solution – computer lenses for gaming. Color tints: Some computer glasses also have an unmistakable (usually yellow) tint designed to increase the contrast on the screen and filter out the uncomfortable/harsh light spectrums so your eye muscles relax.