Ranking the teams in the Southeast Division for 2017-18

Washington Wizards

The NBA’s Southeast Division is unquestionably the weakest in the Eastern Conference. Several teams have taken a step back from last year, however, there will be plenty of competition for the division title.

Top to bottom, the Southeast Division can’t compete with the Central or Atlantic in the Eastern Conference. They lack overall talent and athleticism to match up coherently and truly challenge the other teams.

However, that doesn’t mean there will be a shortage of competition within the division, especially near the top. The Charlotte Hornets and Miami Heat will be looking to challenge the champion Washington Wizards.

It’s clear the Wizards have the best player in the Southeast and potentially even the second-best. They will look to lean on this talent surplus to carry them to another division title.

The Hornets have a point guard who plays with a chip on his shoulder every single time he steps on the floor in Kemba Walker  He truly believes he’s a top-five point and wants to prove it to everyone every night.

The Heat may be devoid of the individual talent the other two teams have. However, they showed their amazing team chemistry by making a historic run during the second half of last season. And there’s no forgetting the late-blooming Dion Waiters.

It’s clear which direction the Atlanta Hawks are headed. They lost Paul Millsap and Al Horford in consecutive years and haven’t made any real efforts to fill their shoes.

The Orlando Magic have a plethora of young players trying to show what they can do at this level. New general manager John Hammond loves length and figures to have plenty of it this season. They could be a surprise contender to make the playoffs.

The Wizards’ hold on the division may be tight, but they are far from a flawless team. The rest of the teams will certainly have their opportunities to make a run at the title. Here’s how they stack up before the season tips off.

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